Providing a suite of the highest level professional services out of GAIA

Our Services

We provide ground handling that includes passenger, ramp, and cargo services for clients.

Associated services include load control, as well as the coordination of catering, maintenance, and fuel services. Ramp services also cover the provision of cabin cleaning to our clients' specifications.

Post-9/11, we have successfully established a security department which provides manual and electronic screening of passenger baggage, aircraft guarding, and searching in accordance with the dictates of ICAO Annex 17, TSA and DfT requirements with reference to each carrier’s unique circumstances.

As a member of the IATA Ground Handling Council, we normally enter into agreements with the air carrier based on the IATA Standard Ground Handling Agreement.

Ramp Services

Our ramp services include:

  • Loading and off-loading baggage
  • Cleaning cabin and cockpit
  • Marshalling
  • Towing
  • Push back
  • Water & lavatory service
  • Ground power
  • Air start
  • Air conditioning
  • ULD control

Cargo Department

We specialize in a wide range of cargo handling services to meet diverse needs.

  • General cargo: import & export
  • Perishables
  • Transhipments
  • Consolidated shipments
  • Loading and off-loading general cargo
  • Loading and off-loading containers
  • Special cargo handling
  • Mail handling
  • Courier services
  • Delivery of missing bags

Operations Support

Our services extend to important aspects of flight dynamics, ensuring the operational integrity of aircraft.

  • Weight and balance control
  • Flight watch
  • VHF communications with aircraft
  • Provision of MET briefings

Passenger Services

We offer a wide range of services to enhance the passenger experience.

  • Passenger check-in
  • Baggage check-in
  • Flight gate control
  • Arrivals escort services
  • Baggage tracing and delivery
  • Flight briefing
  • Ticketing
  • Flight reservations
  • VIP crew & lounge facility

Security Department

We prioritize the security of passengers and aircraft through our dedicated security services.

  • Physical examination of checked, transfer and/or mishandled baggage and hand baggage as required
  • Screening of passengers
  • Physical examination of passengers as required
  • Control of access to aircraft
  • Search of aircraft
  • Search and sealing of aircraft overnight
  • Security check of catering up-lifts and identification of catering staff at aircraft
  • Surveillance and guarding of aircraft on the apron

Station Administration

We act as a communications liaison between carriers and airport/government authorities.

  • Liaising with airport and government authorities on carrier’s behalf
  • Effecting payment of government and airport fees if requested by the carrier
  • Any other logistical or support requests made by the carrier
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